Hog’s Back Almanac     Preseason - 04-07-04

Farm report
Winter 03-04
Snowfall 63 inches
High temp 66°
Low temp -22°
Soil condition Frost out
Weed pressure Low
Corn Planted in 6 weeks


Spring has sprung and I thought I’d take a little time out to welcome everyone to the farm for the 2004 season and let you know about a few things going on at the farm.

The first is that we do still have shares available. They’re about 60% sold as of today which is good. With a deadline of May 1st on the brochures I’m expecting them to fill up fairly easily about the first week of May. So if you know of folks who are on the fence about signing up, tell them they’ve got a couple of weeks to jump off. And feel free to spread the word around since this is the time of year when people really start talking about CSAs. We also have added more info to the website and updated it with some pictures from last year, so feel free to send people there to get their questions answered.

The second thing is that if you received a card with a payment due on it please do get that in by the May 1st deadline. It saves us a lot of time and effort if we don’t have to send out another notice.

There’s plenty of action in the greenhouse this time of year, with onions, lettuce, peppers, eggplant and cabbages already up, and more on the way. Here’s an interesting fact: For each share of produce we’ll grow about 150 different transplants in the greenhouse! Everything from onions to winter squash get their start there. We’ll have just about 10,000 plants to transplant this year, but not all of them on the transplant day event on May 8!

With the warm dry weather the fields have started to dry out nicely. There’s maybe even a chance I can get some work done in them this week. The first direct seedings won’t go in for a few weeks yet, with early peas, spinach, radishes, etc. We could certainly use more rain however, with last year being so dry, there’s a deficit we’ll be fighting all year if it doesn’t get made up this spring.

The main thing I wanted to let everyone know about are the dates for all of the events at the farm for the year. Here is the event list, save it for future reference or write down the dates on your calendar. We wanted to get this out as soon as possible to get on people’s summer schedules. All of these events will be held on the farm (directions). Please RSVP by email or phone a few days before the event if you are planning on coming. It gives us an idea of how many people to expect. Friends, neighbors, and children are all welcome.

    -- David Van Eeckhout