About Us – A note from the farmer

Hello, my name is David Van Eeckhout and my wife, Melinda and I are the owners of Hog’s Back Farm. My career in farming grows out of an interest in gardening and an obsession with knowing where my food comes from. I spent five years working and farming alongside some of the top vegetable producers in the East and Midwest before purchasing the land for Hog’s Back Farm in 2002. After a year preparing the farm we began our CSA operation in 2003. 2013 marks our 11th year in CSA production, with 175 shares serving about 250 families in the Twin Cities area. In 2009 the farm became certified organic by MOSA.

We focus exclusively on growing for our CSA, rather than doing farmer’s markets and wholesale. This allows us to bring the highest quality produce to our boxes each week and maintain a close, personal connection with our members. The farm, our eleven-year-old daughter, Iris and our six-year-old son, Baker, keep us very busy doing the things that we love.

Starting a small farming operation in the 21st century is an adventure, to say the least. Most folks think we’re nuts, but I think that if people think you’re nuts you must be doing something right. Our goal is to make this a sustainable business for our family, as well as a source of the highest quality food available anywhere. None of this would be possible without the tremendous support we receive from our families, friends and members. Thanks for your interest in our farm.

Contact Hog’s Back Farm

Hog’s Back Farm
W8937 Moritz Lane
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phone: 612-756-0690

email: david@hogsbackfarm.com